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Women and the Spanish-American War 1899-1902

Women and the Spanish-American War: their role in fighting and support of the military, plus anti-imperialist writings of women opposing the war and military expansionism in the Philippines.
Anti-Imperialist Poems by Katharine Lee Bates
Best known for her song, "America the Beautiful," Bates also wrote poems protesting war and particularly the Spanish-American War.
Democracy or Militarism
Jane Addams on war and imperialism, 1899.
Facts and Fancy About Losses in the Philippines
Lucia Ames Mead, writing original for the Boston Herald, details the horrendous cost of the Spanish-American War.
New Woman at Cavite
Ellen Hayes ties women's political awakening to the events in the Philippines.
Prostitution Licensed in the Philippines
Henry Blackwell (husband of Lucy Stone) on American Army official support for houses of prostitution in the Philippines.
"Regulation" in the Philippines
A November 1900 editorial in The Woman's Journal protests brothels, crime and intemperance in the Philippines, quoting a WCTU petition to the U.S. Secretary of War.
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