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Women and the American Revolution

Women in the American Revolution: the role played by female fighters and women at home during the Revolutionary War.
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Founding Mothers
Founding mothers: these women were typical of a variety of roles that American women played in the independence of America and the first few years of the new Republic.

Books on Women During and After the American Revolution
Women's lives began to change with the American Revolution. Every war means more women taking charge during the absence and after the deaths of husbands and fathers. After the war, talk of rights raised issues of women's rights and education. Read about some individual women whose voices were heard and about the lives of other women whose...

Abigail Adams
While her husband John Adams was part of the Continental Congress declaring independence, Abigail Adams managed the family farm. When he was a diplomat in Europe for the new nation, she joined him there.

Sybil Ludington
A profile of Sybil Ludington highlighting her heroic 1777 ride to raise militia troops to stop the British advance.

Molly Pitcher
Who was Molly Pitcher? Read more about the life and exploits of Mary Hays McCauly, the woman who came to be called Molly Pitcher, and how she's remembered.

Molly Pitcher Images
Images in art depicting Molly Pitcher, heroine of the Battle of Monmouth.

Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross is one of the most popular female figures associated with the American Revolutionary War. Read more about her life story and how she came to be associated with making the country's first flag.

Mercy Otis Warren
Mercy Otis Warren was a political propagandist for the American in the Revolutionary War. She wrote a history of the American Revolution based on her own experiences and insider knowledge.

Martha Washington
Martha Washington accompanied her husband, General George Washington, to war, modeling sacrifice and dedication for other Americans.

American Women in War and Peace
Women in the Revolutionary War: Deborah Samson, Anne Bailey, and others. Also debunks the Molly Pitcher legend.

Margaret Cochran Corbin
She fought in the American Revolution alongside her husband, continued fighting when her husband was killed, and was awarded a half-pension for her injuries and service.

Monuments and Memorials to Women Warriors
This page includes photos of statues of several women who fought in the American Revolution, along with short profiles. Included: Sybil Ludington, Margaret Corbin, Mary Ludwig Hays, Deborah Samson.

Deborah Samson
Canton, Massachusetts, Historical Society on the official heroine of the state of Massachusetts. Site plays music (controls at bottom of page).

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