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Kansas Women's History

Resources on women's history in the state of Kansas. Famous women, museums, events in history, etc. If you've got a suggestion for additional listings, please send an email to womenshistory@aboutguide.com
  1. Amelia Earhart
  2. Mother Jones

About Olympia Brown
Olympia Brown, Universalist minister and suffrage worker, took time off from her ministry career to work for suffrage in the Kansas campaign.

Amelia Earhart's Home
Photos of Amelia Earhart's home in Atchinson, Kansas, an example of neo-classical wooden Victorian architecture.

Lease, Mary Elizabeth Clyens (1853-1933)
Lease was an orator for the Women's Christian Temperance Union, the Union Labor party and the Farmers' Alliance or Populist party. She spoke against big business. She was also admitted to the Kansas bar in 1885. She ran for the Senate and was vice president of the World Peace Congress, and eventually moved to New York where she wrote for the New York World. She lived in Texas from 1874 to 1883.

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