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Queen of England, Mother of Queen Elizabeth I


Anne Boleyn, for whom King Henry VIII of England put aside his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. A maid of honor to Henry's sister Mary and then to his first wife, Anne Boleyn secretly married Henry first, then more openly on January 25, 1533. She was pregnant twice more: one miscarriage or stillbirth and another miscarriage. But she did not produce the hoped-for male heir for Henry.
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Anne BoleynPortrait of Anne BoleynAnne Boleyn EngravingAnne Boleyn EngravingAnne Boleyn PortraitAnne Boleyn by HolbeinAnne Boleyn, Queen Consort of Henry VIIIAnne Boleyn
Henry VIII and Anne BoleynHenry VIII and Anne Boleyn
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