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Women's History Travel Destinations

Travel and women's history: places you might want to visit. Historical sites connected with women's history that you can visit today.
  1. Museums of Women's History
  2. Women and the Military: ...

US Parks: Women's History
The About Guide to US National/State Parks lists links to park sites related to women's history.

Women Travelers
Related: Women adventurers of the past. Women travelers and their travel accounts, from early Christian pilgrims to nineteenth century travel.

Adams National Historic Site
What if John Adams had heeded his wife, Abigail, when she asked him to "Remember the Ladies"? Visit the home of two presidents (John and John Quincy Adams) and their First Ladies, Abigail and Louisa.

Clara Barton National Historic Site
From the National Park Service, information on this Maryland historic site.

Lowell National Historical Park
Visit the site of the textile mills that drew hundreds of Yankee girls -- later immigrant women and men -- to become the leading edge of the American Industrial Revolution.

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site
Val-Kill Cottage, the home of Eleanor Roosevelt, is open for tours. Guided tours include information about the home and political life of the former First Lady who made her own mark on the world.

Historical Sites
Short bibliography of (print) books listing landmarks and historic sites connected with women's history.

Jane Addams Hull House Museum
Now on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, two of the buildings remain as a museum honoring Hull House history.

Margaret Sanger Clinic
Visit the New York City site of Sanger's birth control clinic, a landmark travel destination if you're interested in women's history.

Places Where Women Made History
Want to take a vacation to see where women's history was made? The US National Park Service put together this list of 74 destinations in New York and Massachusetts.

Salem, Massachusetts: What About Witches
Salemweb presents their history of the Salem witchcraft craze, including links to local sites. Links to further information for understanding today's witches.

Salem Village Witchcraft Victims' Memorial
Danvers, Massachusetts, memorial, with names of and quotes from many of the victims.

Women's Rights National Park
This park (actually six sites in Seneca Falls, NY) honors the struggle for women's rights and the 1848 Women's Rights Convention.

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