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Tituba - Salem Witch Trials

Slave of Rev. Samuel Parris, this Indian woman's fortune-telling and stories helped initiate the witchcraft accusations in Salem Village, 1692, that led to the deaths of more than 20 accused witches.

Tituba biography - learn more about the slave of the Parris family who was at the center of the first accusations in the Salem witch trials.

Tituba's Race
Was the slave Tituba black, from African heritage? Native American? Of mixed race?

Brief biography of the slave Tituba, Indian woman who worked for Rev. Samuel Parris and was at the center of the initial accusations of witchcraft.

Tituba: Examination
An excerpt from the March 1692 testimony of Tituba before the Salem court.

Warrant vs. Tituba and Sarah Osborne
A few questions on the arrest warrant, February 29, 1691/2.

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