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Temperance and Prohibition: Women's History

When husbands controlled the family finances, their drunkenness was a threat to women and family. Resources on women's social reform activity, working for temperance and prohibition.
  1. Mary Livermore

Temperance Movement and Prohibition Timeline
Major events in the history of temperance and prohibition.

Carrie Nation
Carrie Nation was an iconic figure in the history of prohibition and temperance, often shown with her hatchet used to smash saloons.

Frances Willard
A biography of Frances Willard, long-time president of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and an advocate of women's rights and woman suffrage.

What was a teetotaller, and how did the term originate?

Early History at the WCTU
Official history from the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, including a list of social reforms the WCTU has helped work for through its 125+ years.

Growth of WCTU Membership 1879-1921
Statistical demonstration of the growth of women activists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

History of the Anti-Saloon League
Well-done essay on the history (1893-1933) of this primarily-male-run reform organization. Hyperlinks for more details on the leaders and some contemporary articles.

Prohibition Party History
A history of another organization, mostly male-led, which drew many rank-and-file women activists.

Woman's Temperance Crusade, 1873
A brief history of this early temperance campaign, from the official site of the modern-day WCTU.

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