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Citing Online Sources

How to Cite a Page on This or Any Website


For information on how to cite online sources -- including pages on this site -- you'll need to first check which style guide you're required to use by your school or publication. Most of the style guides specify that you need author's name, page title, site title, page URL and date.

For articles on the site that do not specify a date in the heading, use the date you access the article.

How to cite a page on this site:

Here is the information that you will likely need for whichever style guide you are using:

  • Author: unless otherwise noted on a page, articles are written by Jone Johnson Lewis. (For my credentials, see my biography.)
  • Page Title: each page has its own title. Either use the headline on the page, or the title that appears in your browser window.
  • Site title: "About Women's History"
  • Page URL: you'll need to note that from the particular page you're citing.
  • Date: I don't date articles on this site, and update many often. The correct way to cite a date, in such a case, is to use the date you viewed the page.

Jone Johnson Lewis. "About Elizabeth Cady Stanton." About Women's History. URL: http://womenshistory.about.com/od/stantonelizabeth/a/stanton.htm Date accessed: {today}

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