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Student Tips and How-Tos

Tips on how to research women's history, how to pick a research topic, how to cite a page on this site (or any other Net page), how to pick a women's studies program, and other useful how-to's and explanations.

Mistakes in Women's History Writings
Some examples showing how mistakes creep into women's history writing.

About Women's History: A Short Overview
The basics of women's history, including the background of the field.

About Women's History: Four Perspectives
Understand the four basic different approaches to women's history. Each has developed out of the others, and each has its own strengths. Find out the pluses and minuses of each approach.

About Women's History: Some Assumptions
Understand the assumptions behind the study of women's history.

Copyright Clarification
Clarifying copyright issues for historians, writers, students and teachers.

Pick a Research Topic
When you are assigned a paper -- in women's history or any other topic for that matter, how can you pick a specific topic for your assignment? Helpful hints for writing a paper in middle school, high school or college.

What is plagiarism? Some useful resources.

Writing Book Reviews
The basics about reviewing books on the topic of women's history, whether for a school, college, or graduate-level course, for a popular or scholarly journal, for a web site, or for some other purpose.

Citing Online Sources
How to cite a web page, including pages on this site, for historians, writers, students and teachers. Includes information on Turabian, ALA, Chicago and other styles.

How To Pick a Women's Studies Program
Are you thinking about a major or minor in women's studies? Here are some ways you might think about your choices.

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