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Spanish Women's History

Women's history in Spain - notable Spanish women and the lives of ordinary and famous women in Spain, including Queen Isabella.

Women and the Spanish-American War 1899-1902

Beatriz Galindo - La Latina
Philosopher, scholar, teacher of medicine, she taught at Salamanca in the early 16th century.

Berenguela of Castile
Profile of Berenguala, also known as Berengaria, granddaughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine and daughter of Eleanor Plantagenet, Queen of Castile.

Constance of Castile
Constance of Castile biography - a profile of Constance of Castile, second wife of John of Gaunt.

Eleanor of Austria
Eleanor of Austria, also known as Eleanor of Castile, was the daughter of Joanna of Castile and Philip of Austria. She returned to Spain after being widowed twice.

Queen Isabella I of Spain
Information on Isabella I of Castile and Aragon - her life and work. With her husband Ferdinand she united Spain, established the Spanish Inquisition and sponsored Christopher Columbus.

Queen Isabella Picture Gallery
Queen Isabella of Castile has been a popular figure to depict in images.

Isabella II
Queen of Spain 1833-1868, her succession led to war and factionalism. She was exiled to Paris and abdicated in favor of her son, Alfonso XII.

Isabella of Portugal (1503 - 1539)
Isabella of Portugal, descendant of Queen Isabella I of Castile and Aragon, married Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. She served as his regent when he was absent from Spain.

Urraca of Leon and Castile
Urraca of Leon and Castile ruled as a sovereign monarch as her father's only heir. Her second marriage was supposed to unite Spain.

Love Customs in Eighteenth-Century Spain
Explore an online ebook, published 1991, that covers a variety of issues of sexuality and sexual customs in Spain in the 1700s.

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