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Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth: preacher, anti-slavery and women's rights crusader, known for her "Ain't I a Woman" speech.
  1. Slavery, Early America
  2. 1863-1900
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Sojourner Truth
A biography of Sojourner Truth, former slave, abolitionist, preacher and advocate of women's rights.

Sojourner Truth Quotes
Sojourner Truth was known for her lectures; here are a few of the words we remember from her lifetime of activism.

Ain't I A Woman?
A speech given by Sojourner Truth in 1851 to a women's rights convention, and retold in 1881 by Frances Gage

Sojourner Truth Pictures
A collection of images of Sojourner Truth, abolitionist and women's rights advocate of the 19th century.

Sojourner Truth Books
A list of recommended books on Sojourner Truth, an anti-slavery and women's rights activist of the 19th century. Also includes links to Sojourner Truth gifts and posters.

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