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Scandinavian Women's History

Women's history in Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Vikings, Norse and modern Scandinavia - includes women of note in Scandinavian history.
  1. Alexandra of Denmark
  2. Gro Harlem Brundtland
  3. Queen Christina of Sweden
  4. Selma Lagerlof

Fredrika Bremer
Fredrika Bremer biography: a biographical sketch of Fredrika Bremer, Swedish novelist and feminist.

Bridget of Sweden
Saint Bridget of Sweden was canonized shortly after her death. She founded the order known as the Birgittines, and was consulted by popes and kings alike during her lifetime.

Queen Christina of Sweden
A profile of Queen Christina of Sweden, with links to more resources. She's famous -- or infamous -- for ruling Sweden in her own right, being raised as a boy, rumors of lesbianism and an affair with an Italian cardinal, and her abdication of the Swedish throne.

Margaret of Denmark
Margaret of Denmark biography - a profile of Margaret of Denmark, first medieval queen to rule in Europe, and engineer of the Kalmar Union united the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden under one kingship.

Nelly Sachs
Nelly Sachs, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1966, was a German Jew who took refuge in Sweden in 1940 and wrote of the Holocaust and Jewish experience.

Sigrid the Haughty
Sigrid the Haughty, Viking princess, is legendary for her religious convictions -- and may be mythical, not historical.

Mary Wollstonecraft - Travels to Sweden
This early British feminist traveled to Scandinavia as an agent of Gilbert Imlay, and wrote about the cultures she encountered.

Marriage in Finland - late 20th Century
An encyclopedia entry on marriage in Finland in the 20th century, particularly between the end of World War II and the late 1980s.

Status of Women in Finland in the 20th Century
An encyclopedia entry, outlining the position of women in Finland, about 1988.

Artal i svensk kvinnohistoria
Swedish-language timeline for women's history.

Anni Blomqvist
Biography for Anni (Viktoria) Blomqvist, a Finnish-Swedish writer who's best known for novels about the Aland Islands.

Kvinnor i Svensk Historia
A list (in Swedish) of notable women in Swedish history, about 1300 - 1600.

Lines to Frederika Bremmer
A poem by Anne C. Lynch in honor of Swedish writer, Frederika Bremmer, well known internationally in her day.

Sigrid Undset
A biography and links for Sigrid Undset, Nobel Prize for Literature winner in 1928.

Sigrid Undset
1928 Nobel Prize winner, Sigrid Undset was honored for her depiction of medieval Scandinavian life.

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