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Salem Witch Trials - Lesson Plans

Lesson plans, curriculum guides and other teacher resources on the Salem Witch Trials, Salem Village witchcraft hysteria, witch craze and parallels to Arthur Miller's drama, The Crucible.
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Salem Witch Trials Timeline
A comprehensive timeline of the events during, before and after the Salem witch trials, with many linked biographies and glossary definitions.

Books on the Salem Witch Trials
A selection of the best books to read to learn more about the New England witch hunts. Some books look at why most of the accused were women; others focus on alternate explanations, including legal rules, disease, psychology, religion and so forth.

Salem Witch Trials Unit
A 5th-grade lesson plan for using the Salem Witch Trials to learn about human differences, prejudice, information-gathering, and leadership.

The Salem Witch Trials
A lesson plan for grades 7-9 on the Salem witch craze, meant to integrate history and literature and encourage cooperative learning.

Teacher Tips
Discovery Channel curriculum notes for grades 5-8, looking at how the people of Salem in their time's context but also as people who are like us "with their own beliefs, fears, challenges, petty disagreements, even jealousies."

Which of You Is a Witch?
From the National Teacher Training Institute, a 4-lesson curriculum on the Salem Witchcraft Trials and the play, The Crucible, for grades 9-12.

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