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Women Rulers of the Early Modern Period

Queens, Empresses, Other Women Rulers 1600 - 1750


Maria Anna of Austria

1683 - 1754

Daughter of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, she married John V of Portugal. When he suffered a stroke, she ruled for him for eight years until his death and succession by their son, Joseph I. She was sister of Emperors Joseph I and Charles VI and of Maria Elisabeth of Austria, governor of the Netherlands.

Catherine I

1684 - 1727

Married to Peter the Great of Russia, she ruled with her husband until his death, when she ruled as a figurehead for two years until her own death.

Isabella Farnese

1692 - 1766

Queen consort and second wife of Spain's Philip V, she virtually ruled while he was alive. She briefly served as regent between the death of her stepson, Ferdinand VI, and the succession of his brother, Charles III.

Maria Theresa

1717 - 1780

For forty years she ruled a substantial part of Europe, bearing 16 children, reforming and centralizing the government, and strengthening the army.

Maria Anna of Austria

1718 - 1744

Archduchess of Austria and sister of Maria Theresa of Austria, she and her husband were appointed governors of the Netherlands. She died with her first child in 1744. She was sister of Emperors Joseph I and Charles VI and of Maria Anna of Portugal, who ruled as regent of Portugal after her husband's stroke.

Raja Ratu Hijau, Raja Ratu Biru, Raja Ratu Ungu

Three sisters who ruled Thailand successively in the late 16th and early 17th century.

Sophia von Hanover

1630 - 1714

Electress of Hanover, married to Friedrich V, she was the nearest Protestant successor to the British throne and thus Heir Presumptive. She died before her cousin Queen Anne did.

Ulrika Eleanora the Older

1656 - 1693

Queen of Karl XII of Sweden and mother of their seven children, she was appointed regent at his death.

Ulrika Eleanora the Younger

1688 - 1741

Daughter of Ulrika Eleanora the Older and Karl XII, she reigned as queen after succeeding her brother Karl in 1682, until her husband became king; she served as a regent for her husband as well.

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