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Golda Meir

Prime Minister of Israel


Dates: May 3, 1898 - December 8, 1978

Occupation: Prime Minister, Israel, 1969 - 1974

Known for: one of the earliest women to serve as prime minister; role in the Yom Kippur War

Also Known as: Golda Mabovitz (Mabovitch) Myerson

About Golda Meir

Golda Meir moved from Kiev to Milwaukee in 1906 with her family. In Milwaukee, she became a teacher and an active Zionist, and from Milwaukee she moved to Palestine with her husband, Morris Myerson. In Israel they lived on a kibbutz, taking part in the creation of a Jewish homeland. Golda Meir became an officer of the Histadrut Trade Union and was active in politics.

In 1948, Golda Meir was appointed a member of the Provisional Government. After independence, she became the Ambassador to the Soviet Union, and in 1949 was elected to the Knesset and served as Minister of Labor 1949-1956 and Foreign Minister 1956-1966.

Golda Meir was the Secretary General of the new Labor Party and on the sudden death of Levi Eshkol in 1969, she became Premier at age 70.

The Yom Kippur War was fought during her term as prime minister, beginning with the Egyptian and Syrian assaults of October 6, 1973. After the end of the war (1974), she resigned and Yitzhak Rabin assumed the office of prime minister. Golda Meir died in 1978.

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  • Meir, Golda. My Life by Golda Meir. 1975.

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