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Rulers, Queens, Heads of State

Female heads of state: queens, empresses, pharaohs, presidents and prime ministers. Articles and links from Jone Johnson Lewis, About Women's History Guide.
  1. Ancient Queens (113)
  2. Medieval Queens (151)
  3. Women Rulers 1600-1800 (29)
  4. Women Rulers 1800-1900 (44)
  5. Women Rulers 1900-2000 (28)
  6. Queen Mothers (6)

Powerful Women Rulers You Should Know
Every person who wants to be literate in history should know about these ten powerful women rulers -- queens, pharaohs, empresses.

Women Rulers of England and Great Britain
In England and Great Britain, most rulers by right of inheritance were men. But a few women became reigning queens when they had no living older brothers. Meet the women who've ruled in their own right.

Queen Isabella
Which Queen Isabella are you looking for? Here is information on nine queens named Isabella, including the most famous, Isabella I of Spain known as Isabella of Castille and Aragon.

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