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Eleanor Roosevelt - Writings

Columns, speeches and others writings by Eleanor Roosevelt. Also, published interviews of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt and My Day
Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day" columns, published for decades, have some similarity to today's weblogs or "blogs." Learn more about blogs and about "My Day."

American Women in the War
1944 article by Eleanor Roosevelt, reviewing the contributions of Americans in the military, in civilian hospitals, women working in the war effort at home, and the woman at home who "meets war difficulties with a smile, who does her best with rationing and other curtailments...."

Defense and Girls
Eleanor Roosevelt, writing in Ladies' Home Journal in 1941, suggests that a year of compulsory service for girls would be an effective program for citizenship training and preparing for national defense.

Some of My Best Friends are Negro
An essay by Eleanor Roosevelt originally published in Ebony February, 1953. "It is neither unusual nor new for me to have Negro friends, nor is it unusual for me to have found my friends among all races and religions of people."

This I Believe About Public Schools
A 1950 interview with Eleanor Roosevelt, including her experience as a teacher.

U.N. Deliberations: Political Rights of Women
Article by Eleanor Roosevelt, 1953, for the Department of State Bulletin.

What I Hope to Leave Behind
Eleanor Roosevelt ponders, in 1933, what her life's goals are. "Perhaps the best I can do is to pray that the youth of today will have the ability to live simply and to get joy out of living, the desire to give of themselves and to make themselves worthy of giving, and the strength to do without anything which does not serve the interests of the brotherhood of man."

What Ten Million Women Want
A 1932 article by Eleanor Roosevelt, originally published in The Home Magazine. "We women are callow fledglings as compared with the wise old birds who manipulate the political machinery, and we still hesitate to believe that a woman can fill certain positions in public life as competently and adequately as a man."

Why I Still Believe in the Youth Congress
Article by Eleanor Roosevelt, 1940.

Woman's Place After the War
Eleanor Roosevelt, in 1944, considering what will happen to the changed attitudes about working women, once the men come home. Her prediction: married women will keep jobs only if the family needs the money.

Women and the Vote
Fourteen years after women won the vote, Eleanor Roosevelt reviews the present political situation of women and outlines her dreams for the future. From It's Up to the Women published in 1933.

Women in Politics
A 1940 article by Eleanor Roosevelt, on the accomplishments and future of women in public life.

Women Must Learn to Play the Game as Men Do
According to this 1928 article by Eleanor Roosevelt, women need more voice in public life to achieve real political equality with men.

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