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Reading Groups on Women's History

About Reading Groups


Which of these describes you best?

  • You want to understand women's history, but you don't know where to start.
  • You want to read more on women's history, but you would rather spend time with people.
  • You want to read more on women's history, but you need more structure than just reading alone gives you.
  • You already read a lot on women's history, and would love to talk to others about what you read, to understand and appreciate more.
  • You study women's history, and would like to broaden your reading away from just your topic(s) of research.
  • You like to read.
  • You like to be with people.
  • You like to talk and listen, to share ideas.
If none of the above, then a reading group on women's history probably won't be of interest to you. But if you've agreed with one or more of those statements -- it might be time to start or join a reading group on women's history.

On this site, you'll find suggested book lists to get you started

No time to read? Try a video-viewing group instead: Videos on Women's History

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