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Women and the Radio in World War II

Radio was used in World War II to entertain troops, keep the home front informed, and raise money for the war. Here are some articles about women and the radio in World War II.
  1. Women and World War II

Tokyo Rose: Iva Ikuko Toguri D'Aquino
Iva Toguri was an American stranded in Japan at the outbreak of World War II. She was forced to broadcast propaganda to the Allied troops for Japan. In these radio programs, she taunted the troops and played music from home. She took the name Orphan Ann on the program, Zero Hour.

Women's Place in War: Radio Repairing
A World War II poster recruiting for the Women's Army Corps, showing a woman repairing a radio in the Army Special Forces.

Kate Smith
Singer Kate Smith was the top attraction on radio in the 1930s in the US, and her variety program introduced new talent, offered advice, and, during World War II, raised $600 million for war bonds.

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