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Women on the Radio

Resources on women on the radio: radio journalists, wartime radio performers, more.
  1. Radio in World War II (4)
  2. Charlayne Hunter-Gault

Barbara Simpson
A profile of radio personality Barbara Simpson, with more than 20 years of radio and television work and several awards.

Dr. Laura - Profile of Laura Schlessinger
A brief profile of "Dr. Laura" whose conservative advice show has won both awards and criticism.

Iva Toguri D'Aquino - Tokyo Rose
About the woman convicted of treason for being "Tokyo Rose" and broadcasting propaganda to Allied troops during World War II -- and the subsequent successful efforts to win her pardon on the grounds of an unfair conviction.

Lynne "Angel" Harvey
The first producer (man or woman) to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, Lynne Harvey has served as producer, editor, writer, and director for her husband, Paul Harvey.

Ma Perkins
The Radio Hall of Fame honors radio show "Ma Perkins" starring Virginia Payne, a dramatic show that ran from 1933 to 1960, depicting a mother and business owner in a small town.

Yvonne Daniels
Yvonne Daniels, popular jazz disc jockey, was a pioneer female disk jockey. She worked for a time on Chicago's WSDM, an all-female radio station, but was a popular disc jockey on WYNR, WCFL, WLS, and WNUA stations over her 30 year career.

Dr. Laura
Official website of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, includes audio highlights, requests for political involvement, and promotion of her books, lectures, and courses.

Kate Smith
Singer Kate Smith was the top attraction on radio in the 1930s in the US, and her variety program introduced new talent, offered advice, and, during World War II, raised $600 million for war bonds.

Susan Stamberg
A profile of Susan Stamberg, National Public Radio (NPR) correspondent, the first woman to serve as a regular anchor of a national nightly news program.

Queen makes first Christmas speech
The BBC includes Queen Elizabeth's first Christmas speech, 1952, months before her coronation, among the highlights of UK Broadcasting history.

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