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Linda Chavez Quotes

Linda Chavez (June 17, 1947 - )


Linda Chavez, once the highest-ranking woman in Ronald Reagan's administration, is a conservative commentator and author. A close colleague of Al Shanker of the American Federation of Teachers, she moved on to serve in several positions in Reagan's White House. Chavez ran in 1986 for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Maryland senator Barbara Mikulski. Chavez was nominated by President George W. Bush as Secretary of Labor in 2001, but revelations of payments to a Guatamalan woman who was not a legal immigrant derailed her nomination. She has been a member of conservative think tanks and a commentator, including for Fox News.

Selected Linda Chavez Quotations

• It's time conservatives seized wilderness conservation as their issue, rather than leaving it to the environmentalists.

• We have created not a Brave New World, but a vulgar marketplace, where human attributes come with a price tag.

• I have decided that I am becoming a distraction and therefore, I have asked President Bush to withdraw my name as secretary of labor. (January 9, 2001, withdrawal speech, Washington, D.C.)

• So long as the game in Washington is a game of search and destroy, I think that we will have very few people who are willing to do what I did, which was to put myself through this in order to serve. (January 9, 2001, withdrawal speech, Washington, D.C.)

• I believe that I would have made a great Secretary of Labor. I believe that President Bush is going to make a great President. (January 9, 2001, withdrawal speech, Washington, D.C.)

• It comes as a shocking surprise to professors at Stanford, Harvard and other elite universities, but teaching immigrant children in English actually seems to help them learn the language.

• We need to let the world know it is possible to celebrate long years of married life. But it doesn't happen by accident. Marriage requires commitment to something greater than ourselves. And if those of us who have succeeded at marriage aren't willing to lead the way, who will?

• For nearly 30 years, the federal government has coerced both the public and the private sectors to prefer some groups over others, all in the name of ending discrimination. We now have literally hundreds of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and programs that purport to promote nondiscrimination but instead give preference to some individuals over others in hiring, promotion, contracting, and admission to higher education based on the individual's race, ethnicity, or sex, it is a system that cannot be reformed and ought simply to be abandoned.

• Until more Hispanic parents begin insisting their kids go on to college, Hispanic educational attainment -- and lifetime earnings -- will lag behind other groups.

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