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Elizabeth Dole Quotes

Elizabeth Dole (July 29, 1936 - )


Elizabeth Dole, United States Senator from 2003 - 2009 from North Carolina, has held a variety of leadership positions including US Secretary of Labor (1989 - 1990) and US Secretary of Transportation (1983 - 1987). She became the second wife of former Senator Bob Dole in 1975, who ran as the Vice Presidential candidate with Gerald Ford in 1976 (the ticket lost to Jimmy Carter) and ran for the presidency in 1980 and 1988, then won the presidential nomination in 1996 but lost the election. Elizabeth Dole ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2000. She also served as president of the American Red Cross (1991 - 1999).

Selected Elizabeth Dole Quotations

• Women share with men the need for personal success, even the taste of power, and no longer are we willing to satisfy those needs through the achievements of surrogates, whether husbands, children, or merely role models.

• We have learned that power is a positive force if it is used for positive purposes.

• What you always do before you make a decision is consult. The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted. Then, once policy is determined, you call on them to help you sell it.

• If our leaders are not worthy, we have the power to elect leaders who are. (speech, 2/8/1999)

• In a single lifetime, I have seen Americans split the atom, abolish Jim Crow, eliminate the scourge of polio, win the Cold War, plant our flag on the surface of the moon, map the human genetic code, & belatedly recognize the talents of women, minorities, the disabled once relegated to the shadows. If we reaffirm these timeless and unchangeable truths, if we choose life and liberty, compassion and service, character and faith, we will honor those who came before us, and inspire the children of tomorrow. (speech, 8/31/2004)

• We aim to give a 'wake-up call' to businesses, to alert them to the fact that the next 'fair-haired boy' of their organization just might be a woman.

• My objective as Secretary of Labor is to look through the 'glass ceiling' to see who is on the other side, and to serve as a catalyst for change.

• That would be a disaster for humanitarian organizations without that charitable deduction, and for a lot of homeowners without the mortgage deduction as well. (about the flat tax, 1999)

• The benefits of homeownership for families, communities and the nation are profound. When individuals and families own their home, they establish roots in their communities and have a greater stake in the growth, safety and development of their towns and cities. It is through initiatives to further grow homeownership that we empower individuals and families by helping them build wealth and improve their lives. (HUD hearing, 3/4/2003)

• Marriage between a man and a woman isn't something Republicans invented, but it is something Republicans will defend. (Republican National Convention, 8/31/2004)

• We must return teaching to the heart of the educational enterprise. Teaching needs to be supported, not only by rewarding excellence in teaching, but by placing the training of teachers at the center of our higher education system. If teaching is to become a prestigious profession, teachers must undergo rigorous training and hold prestigious degrees. (speech, 3/10/1999)

Her husband, US Vice President and unsuccessful presidential candidate Bob Dole: "Elizabeth's back at the Red Cross, and I'm walking the dog."

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