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Queen Mothers

Women who have held the title "Queen Mother" -- usually a term for a queen consort who has outlived her husband and is the mother of the living ruler.
  1. Queen Mary of Teck

Queen Elizabeth - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon - Queen Mum
Also known as "Queen Mum," she was Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and Ireland from 1936-1952, wife of King George VI, and mother of Queen Elizabeth II.

Idia: The First Queen Mother of Benin
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) presents images and a background article on a 15th century queen mother of importance in what is now Nigeria.

Queen Mother
An explanation from the Wikipedia of the term "Queen Mother," with examples of women who have held the title.

Queen Mothers
Find images of queen mothers, and a short discussion of their importance, in African cultures, from the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The Struggle of Queenmothers (Queen Mothers) for Equality in Ghana
In Ghana, traditional women leaders -- queen mothers or queenmothers -- have been excluded from modern governance. This article discusses some of the cultural history, and the implications of this exclusion especially for health.

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