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Quakers and Women

The Quaker religion accepted women's leadership early, and many women's rights advocates have been Quakers. Here are some important connections between Quakers and women's history.

About Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony's Quaker background inspired her to work for women's rights. She considered this her religious identity, even though she belonged to a Unitarian church for many years.

Mary Dyer
From your About Guide to Women's History: biography and links on the Quaker martyr in 17th century Massachusetts.

Sarah Grimke
Sarah Grimke was a key figure among abolitionists and women's rights advocates, especially before the Civil War.

Lucretia Mott
From your About Guide to Women's History: information, links and books on this Quaker abolitionist and suffragist.

Martha Coffin Wright
A biography of Martha Coffin Wright, Quaker women's rights activist and sister of Lucretia Mott.

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