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Pocahontas Image Gallery

Images of "Indian Princess" Pocahontas in the Public Imagination


Pocahontas was credited by the early English colonists to the Tidewater region of Virginia with helping them survive in the critical early years. Her image as an "Indian Princess" who saved Captain John Smith has captured the imagination of many generations of Americans. Only one image of Pocahontas was created during her lifetime; the rest reflect the public image of Pocahontas rather than an accurate representation.
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PocahontasPocahontas / Rebecca Rolfe, 1616Engraving representing PocahontasImage of PocahontasColorful image representing the famous rescue by PocahontasImage of Pocahontas Saving Captain John SmithPocahontas Saves Captain John SmithPocahontas Saves Captain John Smith
Captain Smith Saved by Pocahontas - 1894 ImageCaptain Smith Saved by PocahontasPocahontas presented to King James on her visit to EnglandImage of Pocahontas at the Court of King James IImage of Pocahontas in the popular culturePocahontas Image on a Tobacco Label, 1867A romanticized, European-ized version of Pocahontas, from the late 19th century.Pocahontas Image - Late 19th Century

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