1. Education

Nurses and Nursing

Nursing and nurses in women's history, including pioneer women nurses.
  1. Helen Fairchild
  2. Alexandra of Denmark
  3. Clara Barton
  4. Florence Nightingale
  5. Margaret Sanger
  6. Mary Seacole (22)
  7. Civil War Nursing
  8. African American Nurses (16)
  9. Army Nurse Corps (3)

Josephine Goldmark
Josephine Goldmark was an influence on nursing education as well as an advocate for protective laws for women and children.

American Nursing Hall of Fame Inductees
A list of more than 50 nurses whose contributions merit this award, with links to biographies.

Black Nurses in History
This guide to print and web resources covers the history of black nurses in general plus several well-known or lesser known individuals.

Mary Eliza Mahoney
Biography of Mary Eliza Mahoney, the first black woman to receive nursing school degree and to be certified as a registered nurse.

Nurses and Human Rights
A report from Amnesty International on the caring role of nurses and midwives in the field of human rights.

Nursing History Review
Online table of contents for this journal; to read the articles, you'll have to find them in a library, order them through interlibrary loan, or order back copies.

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