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Native American Women's History

Women's role and women leaders in Native American communities. Resources for reading and research. Includes notable Native American women, from Pocahontas and Sacagawea (Sacajawea) to Zitkala-Sa to Wilma Mankiller, and many more.
  1. Native American Women (36)
  2. Indian Captivity Narratives

Ellen Russell Emerson
A profile of Ellen Russell Emerson, writer in the 19th century about Native American myths and Native American legends.

Women Captives and Indian Captivity Narratives
A genre of American literature has been the Indian captivity narrative. In these stories, it's usually women who are kidnapped and held captive by American Indians. And the women who are taken captive are white women -- women of European descent.

American Girls Through Time and Trial
Study of girls in American history. One unit on an Alaskan Inuit girl. Good reading lists for children and general info too.

Helen Hunt Jackson
A study guide for the American writer and friend of Emily Dickinson who wrote entury of Dishonor: A Sketch of the United States Government's Dealings with some of the Indian Tribes in 1881. Her novel Ramona was a depiction of the injustice of white culture towards American Indians.

Kate & Sue McBeth: Missionaries to the Nez Perce
These Presbyterian sisters established a seminary, taught Euroamerican-style domestic skills, and struggled with federal agents and each other.

Native Americans Influence the Women’s Suffrage Movement
Articles on Native American history, with some emphasis on Native American women and the influence of Native Americans on the more general women's rights movements.

Ndee: The Children of Changing Woman
An online exhibit about Apache women, curated by Ernestine Cody, herself a Western Apachean woman. Includes information about women's lives and some profiles of notable Apache women.

Women in America: Indian Women
Travelers to America in 1820-1842 share their observations on the lives and the treatment of Native American women.

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