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Rock and Pop Music

Rock and roll, rock music, pop music, other popular music of the 1950s - 1990s: women musicians and women's role.

About Lena Horne
A profile of Lena Horne, African American singer and actress, from Jone Johnson Lewis, About Women's History Guide.

Lilith Fair
Lilith Fair was a successful touring festival for women singer-songwriters, 1997-1999, and less successful when revived in 2010.

100 Greatest Women of Rock
A listing of VH1's picks for the top 100 women of rock, dated 1999.

CWLU Rock Band
From 1970-1973, this feminist rock band rocked audiences as it slammed male "pig bands" with music and comedy.

Where are the women to rock the music industry?
Though women have made it in rock music as performers, backstage it's still largely a man's world.

Women in Rock
On this website devoted to women in rock music, you'll find discographies and more.

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