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Women in Folk Music

The women of folk music: singers and songwriters. Joan Baez, Judy Collins and more.
  1. Joan Baez (3)

Judy Collins
Singer songwriter, part of the 1960s folk revival, Judy Collins is still singing at the beginning of the 21st century. Biography plus a guide to more resources.

Mary Travers Picture Gallery
A gallery of images of Mary Travers in the years shortly before she died.

An Interview With Ani Difranco
About.com's Guide to Folk Music, Kim Ruehl, interviews Ani Difranco on feminism, folk music, and New Orleans.

Ladyslipper, a not-for-profit organization focusing on women's music, tells the story of their own history.

Joni Mitchell
Folk singer / songwriter Joni Mitchell has been cited as influence for Tori Amos, Sarah Maclachlan, Prince, Seal, Annie Lennox, Jewel, and nearly any female folk singer you meet today.

Musical Romp Through Women's History
Gerri Gribi's home page, where she explains how she began using folk songs to illustrate women's history. No, they didn't all drown themselves over their menfolk!

Malvina Reynolds: Biography
Site maintained by Reynolds' daughter includes a discography, bio, and occasional newsletters.

Sweet Honey in the Rock
Celebrating their 25th anniversary in 1999, Sweet Honey in the Rock is noted for their a capella music rooted in African and African American culture.

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