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Military Women - Museums and Memorials

Museums and memorials honoring women's service in the military and in wars.
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  2. Museums of Women's History

Army Women's Museum, Fort Lee, Virginia
Web home of the new museum honoring women's role in history and the present, serving in the Army.

Monuments to Women Warriors
"Captain Barb" with information on some monuments to women in the military, from a DAR statue of Sybil Luddington to statues and other memorials to First Lt Sharon Lane, killed by hostile fire in Viet Nam.

Vietnam Women's Memorial Project
Site for information on the Vietnam Women's Memorial in Washington, D.C.

WAC Museum Update
Unofficial update on moving the Women's Army Corps Museum from Fort McClellan, Alabama, to Fort Lee, Virginia.

Women In Military Service Memoria
Information on the Women's Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery.

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