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Mary of Guise


Mary of Guise also known as Mary of Lorraine was the mother of Mary Queen of Scots

Mary of Guise also known as Mary of Lorraine was the mother of Mary Queen of Scots

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About Mary of Guise:

Dates: November 22, 1515 - June 11, 1560

Known for: Queen consort of James V of Scotland; regent; mother of Mary Queen of Scots

Also Known as: Mary of Lorraine, Marie of Guise

Mary of Guise Biography:

Born in Lorraine, the daughter of the duc de Guise, Mary of Guise was married in 1534 to Louis d'Orleans, the second duc de Longueville. After he died in 1537, Mary of Guise rejected a possible marriage with Henry VIII of England and instead married James V of Scotland, in June 1538.

The two sons of James V and Mary of Guise, James and Arthur, died in 1541, and their daughter Mary was born the next year, on December 7 or 8. On December 14, James V died, leaving Mary of Guise in a position of influence during her daughter's minority. The pro-English James Hamilton, second earl of Arran, was made regent, and Mary of Guise maneuvered for years to replace him, succeeding in 1554.

Mary of Guise overturned Arran's betrothal of the infant Mary to England's prince Edward, and was able to marry her instead to the dauphin of France, part of her campaign to bring Scotland and France into a close alliance. The young Mary, Queen of Scots, was sent to France to be raised in the court there.

After sending her daughter into Catholic France, Mary of Guise resumed suppression of Protestantism in Scotland. But the Protestants, already strong and led spiritually by John Knox, rebelled. Drawing armies of both France and England into the conflict, the civil war resulted in Mary of Guise being deposed in 1559. On her deathbed the next year, she urged the parties to make peace and declare allegiance to Mary, Queen of Scots.

Mary of Guise's sister was abbess at the Convent of Saint-Pierre in Reims, where Mary of Guise's body was moved and interred after her death in Edinburgh.

Places: Lorraine, France, Edinburgh, Scotland, Reims, France

More About Mary of Guise:

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  • Marshall, Rosalind. Mary of Guise. January 2003. (compare prices)

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