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Saint Rosalie


Rosalie of Padua

Rosalie of Padua

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Dates: about 1130 - about 1160

Known for: appearance in a vision during a plague in Palermo

Occupation: saint

Also known as: Rosalie of Padua, Rosalie of Palermo, Rosalia

About Saint Rosalie:

Rosalie lived in the 11th century. She is said to have been a hermit on Mt. Pelligrino in Sicily, prefering solitude and prayer to marriage to an aristocrat.

Centuries after her lifetime, a soap-maker had a vision during a plague, in which she assured him that if her bones were exhumed from Mt. Pelligrino and paraded through the city, the plague would pass.

Patronage: of fishermen, of Palermo

Symbols: Bible, skull, two shells.

Places: Mt. Pelligrino, Palermo, Sicily

Religion: Roman Catholic

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