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Medicine: Health, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives

Medicine and medical issues in women's history: a history of women in medicine and nursing, including pioneer women physicians and nurses, women's health issues through the ages, and discussions about how women have been viewed in medical history.
  1. Women's Health: Historical (11)
  2. Nurses and Nursing (56)
  3. Physicians: Women Doctors (11)
  4. Midwives (3)
  5. Psychology (6)
  6. Clara Barton (18)
  7. Elizabeth Blackwell (6)
  8. Dorothea Dix (13)
  9. Florence Nightingale (13)
  10. Disability Pioneers (12)
  11. Nobel Laureates - Medicine (10)

Elizabeth Blackwell
Biography plus an index to other resources on this site about the first woman medical doctor of the modern era.

Alessandra Giliani - Medieval Scientist
Alessandra Giliani was an early female scientist, known for her work tracing blood vessels.

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