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Medieval and Renaissance Germany, Holy Roman Empire

Women of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire during medieval times - women of the western empire, German women, women of Saxony, and women from other parts of central Europe.
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A Visigoth princess, she married a Frankish king, then revenged her murdered sister by starting a 40-year war with a rival kingdom. She fought for her son, grandsons and great-grandson, but was finally defeated and the kingdom lost to the rival family.

Edith (Eadgyth) of England
Daughter of King Edward the Elder of England, she was married off to the Emperor Otto I as his first wife.

She worked her way up from servant to mistress to queen consort, and then ruled as her son's regent. She talked her husband into murdering his second wife, but that wife's sister, Brunhilde, queen of the neighboring kingdom, wanted revenge -- and so followed forty years of war. Fredegund is chiefly remembered for her assassinations and other cruelties.

Hrosvitha von Gandersheim
First known woman dramatist, she also wrote poems and chronicles.

Daughter of Theophano, Byzantine Empress, she married the western Emperor Otto II and served, with her mother-in-law Adelaide, as regent for her son, Otto III.

Tenth century "Ottonian Renaissance" writer. Background, bibliography and some of her works in translation.

Medieval German Women Writers (1100-1450)
Biographies of 15 key women writers of the period, by Rebecca L. R. Garber, with comments on sources.

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