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Saint Matilda

Empress, Queen, Religious Founder


Dates: ~895-986

Known for: Queen of Germany, Empress, ancestor of Capetian dynasty, founder of monasteries, built churches, 10th century German saint

Feast Day of Saint Margaret of Saxony: March 14

About Saint Matilda of Saxony:

Raised by her grandmother, an abbess, Saint Matilda of Saxony was, as were so many royal women, married off for political purposes. In her case it was to Henry the Fowler of Saxony, who became King of Germany. During her life in Germany Saint Matilda of Saxony founded several abbeys and was noted for her charity.

Children of Saint Matilda of Saxony:

The children of Saint Matilda of Saxony include

  • Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Henry the Quarrelsome, Duke of Bavaria
  • Saint Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne
  • Gerberga, married to King Louis IV of France
  • Hedwig, mother of Hugh Capet, first of the Capetian dynasty in France
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