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(about 877 - 929)


About Aelfthryth

Known for: genealogical link of Anglo Saxon kings to Anglo Norman dynasty

Dates: about 877 - 929
Occupation: princess, countess
Also known as: Eltrudes (Latin), Elstrid

Background, Family:

Marriage, Children:

  • husband: Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, son of Judith of France, who had briefly been stepmother and then sister-in-law to Aelfthrgyth's father, Alfred the Great (married 884)
  • children: Arnulf I of Flanders, Adalulf, Count of Boulogne, Ealswid, Ermentrud

More About Aelfthryth:

Aelfthryth was raised and educated with her brother, Edward, a future king. She was married to Baldwin II of Flanders in 884, as a way of solidifying an alliance between the English and the Flemish to oppose the Vikings.

When her father, Alfred, died in 899, Aelfthryth inherited several properties in England from him. She donated several of these to the abbey of St. Peter in Ghent.

Aelfthryth's husband Baldwin II died in 915. In 917, Aelfthryth had his bodied moved to the abbey of St. Peter.

Her son, Arnulf, became the count of Flanders after his father's death. His descendant Baldwin V was the father of Matilda of Flanders who married William the Conqueror. Because of Aelfthryth's heritage as a daighter of the Saxon king, Alfred the Great, the marriage of Matilda to the future Norman king, William, brought the heritage of the Saxon kings back into the royal line.

Another Aelfthryth

A later woman also named Aelfthryth was an English Saxon queen, married to King Edgar "the Peaceable" and the mother of King Ethelred (Aethelred) II "the Unready."

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