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Medieval/Renaissance British Women

Women of Britain in medieval times - abbesses, saints, ordinary women, queens, rulers and more.
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Early English Costume for Women and Girls
What did women wear, from the time of William the Conqueror (1066), in medieval England? Includes color plates and line drawings as well as detailed articles about early English women's fashion.

"Birther" Controversies and the Women of the Wars of the Roses
The legitimacy was questioned of a good number of the contending kings and princes in the Wars of the Roses, with queens and duchesses and other women thus accused of adultery. What were some of these controversies over the births -- and even deaths -- of major figures in the Wars of the Roses?

Adela of Normandy, Countess of Blois
Adela of Normandy, Countess of Blois was the daughter of one king of England, sister of another and mother of a third. Read more about her life and connections.

Aelfthryth, a daughter of Alfred the Great, married into the ruling family of Flanders. What was her contribution to history?

Anne Beauchamp
The historical Anne Beauchamp and her rising and falling fortunes: mother of Anne Neville, Queen of England as wife of Richard III, and wife of Richard Neville, known as the Kingmaker for his part in the Wars of the Roses -- and declared essentially dead by Parliament so that her title and fortune could be taken from her.

Anne of York
Anne of York was sister to two York kings. She was married first to a Lancastrian then to a Yorkist.

Constance of Castile
Constance of Castile biography - a profile of Constance of Castile, second wife of John of Gaunt.

Edith (Eadgyth) of England
Daughter of King Edward the Elder of England, she was married off to the Emperor Otto I as his first wife.

Eleanor of England
A biography of Eleanor of England, daughter of King John of England and sister of Henry III of England.

Lady Godiva
Profile of Lady Godiva, known to history for her ride through Coventry.

Lady Godiva's Famous Ride Through Coventry
Is Lady Godiva's ride myth or history?

Joan Beaufort
Joan Beaufort, legitimized daughter of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford, was an ancestor of such figures as Cecily Neville, Anne Neville, Elizabeth of York, Edward IV, Richard III, and Henry VIII.

Joan of Acre
Joan of Acre biography - a profile of Joan of Acre, daughter of King Edward I of England and his wife Eleanor of Castile, who made a second marriage herself despite protocol and expectations.

Joan of England, Queen of Sicily
Profile of Joan of England, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was imprisoned and shipwrecked during her relatively short life.

Joan of Kent
Joan of Kent, granddaughter of Edward I of England, made impetuous and secret marriages that kept her in the center of controversy and power. She was the mother of King Richard II of England.

Margaret of Burgundy
Margaret of York, sister of Edward IV and the later Richard III, married the duke of Burgundy. She was a defender of the Yorkists against the Tudors and supported several Yorkist pretenders opposing Henry VII.

Isabel Neville
Isabel Neville, married to a brother of king Edward IV, was a marriage pawn during the Wars of the Roses. Her sister was Anne Neville.

Katherine Neville, Duchess of Norfolk
Aunt to King Edward IV, Katherine Neville's fourth marriage was the most scandalous of all.

Joan of Kent's Descendants
Joan of Kent was the ancestor of many of England's monarchs. Here's some of her descendants.

Julian of Norwich
A profile of Julian of Norwich, medieval British saint and religious recluse who published her revelations.

Margery Kempe
Margery Kempe biography - a profile of medieval mystic and author Margery Kempe of England, who wrote an autobiography.

Margaret Douglas Countess of Lennox
A biographical profile of Margaret Douglas, grandmother of James VI of Scotland who became James I of England, and granddaughter of Tudor King Henry VII.

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