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Medieval Women Saints - Britain

Women in Britain who were canonized as Saints, and who lived in the Middle Ages. During Medieval times, recognition as a saint was often a recognition of a woman's power, either as a leader of a community, or an influence on wider events and culture.
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Bertha of Paris
Bertha is considered a saint for her role in converting the Anglo-Saxons of England to Christianity.

Christina of Markyate
It took a lot of courage to resist the pressures of family and culture in the 12th century, but Christine of Markyate was a young girl who not only resisted, she succeeded -- and founded a community of women religious and influenced several key monastic figures in English history.

Saint Edith of Polesworth
Daughter of England's Edward the Elder, Edith became a nun and abbess after her husband died.

Saint Edith of Wilton
Illegitimate daughter of King Edgar the Elder by a nun he kidnapped from Wilton Abbey, she was raised at the convent and may later have become its abbess.

Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich biography - a profile of Julian of Norwich, perhaps the most famous medieval British saint (though never canonized by Rome).

Saint Margaret of Scotland
A biographical profile of Margaret of Scotland, Saint Margaret, patroness of Scotland, and a princess of England before the Norman invasion.

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