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Norman Queens Consort of England: Wives of the Kings of England

House of Normandy


Women married to the Norman kings of England had quite different backgrounds.  Here's a list of these English queens, with basic information about each, and some linked to a more detailed biography:

1. Matilda of Flanders (~1031 - November 2, 1083)

Mother: Adele Capet, daughter of King Robert II of France
Father: Baldwin V, Count of Flanders
Queen consort to: William I (~1028-1087, ruled 1066-1087)
Married: 1053
Children: 10 children, including Robert Curthose, Cecilia (abbess), William Rufus (William II, never married), Richard, Adela (mother of King Stephen), Agatha, Constance, Henry Beauclerc (Angevin king Henry I)

She was a direct descendant of King Alfred the Great.

2. Matilda of Scotland (~1080 - May 1, 1118)

Matilda of Scotland, Queen Consort of Henry I of England
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Also known as: Edith of Scotland
Mother: Saint Margaret of Scotland, daughter of Edward the Exile
Father: Malcolm III
Queen consort to: Henry I (~1068-1135; ruled 1100-1135)
Married: November 11, 1100
Children: four children

3. Adela of Louvain (1103 - April 23, 1151)

Also known as: Adelicia of Louvain, Aleidis, Adeliza
Mother: Ida of Namur
Father: Godfrey I, Count of Louvain
Queen consort to: Henry I (~1068-1135; ruled 1100-1135)
Married: January 29, 1121
Children: none

Later married to: William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel (~1109-1176)
Married: 1139
Children: Seven survived childhood, one was William d'Aubigny, 2nd Earl of Arundel, whose son signed the Magna Carta

4. Matilda of Boulogne (~1105 - May 3, 1152)

Also known as: Matilda, Countess of Boulogne (1125-1152)
Mother: Mary of Scotland (sister of Matilda of Scotland, Henry I's first wife; daughter of Malcolm II and Saint Margaret of Scotland)
Father: Eustace III, Count of Boulogna
Queen consort to: Stephen of Blois (~1096-1154, ruled 1135-1154), grandson of William I
Married: 1125 Coronation: March 22, 1136
Children: Eustace IV, Count of Boulogne; William of Blois; Marie; two others

Not to be confused with the Empress Matilda, Lady of the English, with whom Stephen battled for the crown. Matilda of Boulogne led her husband's forces after the Empress Matilda had captured Stephen, and was able to turn the tide of the war.

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