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Elizabeth of York Facts


Elizabeth of York Portrait

Elizabeth of York Portrait

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About Elizabeth of York:

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(February 11, 1466 - February 11, 1503)

  • January 18, 1486: married to Henry VII, King of England
  • November 25, 1487: coronation at Westminster Abbey
  • February 11, 1503: died at Tower of London; buried at the Henry VII 'Lady Chapel', Westminster Abbey


daughter, sister, niece, wife, and mother to English kings

Queen of England, Queen Consort of Henry VII, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, mother of Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Margaret Tudor

Known for:

Her marriage to Henry VII brought together the House of Lancaster which Henry VII represented (though he grounded his claim to the crown of England in conquest, not birth), and the House of York, which Elizabeth represented.

Elizabeth of York is the only woman to have been a daughter, sister, niece, wife, and mother to English kings.

Elizabeth of York's picture is the usual depiction of a queen in card decks.

Also known as:

Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet, Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth of York Family:

  • father: Edward IV, King of England
  • mother: Elizabeth Woodville (Queen Elizabeth)
  • brothers: "Princes in the Tower" Edward V and Richard, Duke of York, and George, Duke of Bedford
  • sisters: Mary, Cecily, Margaret, Anne, Catherine, Bridget

Children of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII:

  1. 1486 (September 20) - 1502 (April 2): Arthur, Prince of Wales
  2. 1489 (November 28) - 1541 (October 18): Margaret Tudor (married King James IV of Scotland; widowed; married Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus; divorced; married Henry Stewart)
  3. 1491 (June 28) - 1547 (January 28): Henry VIII, King of England
  4. 1492 (July 2) - 1495 (September 14): Elizabeth
  5. 1496 (March 18) - 1533 (June 25): Mary Tudor (married King Louis XII of France; widowed; married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk)
  6. 1499 (February 21) - 1500 (June 19): Edmund, Duke of Somerset
  7. 1503 (February 2)- 1503 (February 2): Katherine
Some claim another child, Edward, born before Katherine, but there are only seven children shown in a 1509 commemorative painting.

More About Elizabeth of York:

See more about Elizabeth of York in a full biography: Elizabeth of York

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