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Elizabeth Woodville Picture Gallery

Portraits and Images of Queen Elizabeth, Consort of Edward IV


Queen Elizabeth, or Elizabeth Woodville, was one of the more controversial Queens of England. She secretly married Edward IV, and Edward's supporter Warwick changed sides in the Wars of the Roses and restored -- briefly -- Edward's rival, Henry VI. See: Biography of Elizabeth Woodville and Profile of Elizabeth Woodville for details about her interesting life and place in history.
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Elizabeth Woodville - portrait at Queens CollegeElizabeth Woodville PortraitPortrait depicting Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of EnglandElizabeth WoodvilleElizabeth WoodvilleElizabeth Woodville Edward IV and Elizabeth WoodvilleElizabeth Woodville Meeting Edward IV for the First Time
Caxton Stained-Glass Window with Edward IV and Elizabeth WoodvilleElizabeth Woodville and King Edward IV with William CaxtonEngraving of Elizabeth Woodville saying goodbye to her son RichardElizabeth Woodville and Son, Richard, Duke of York
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