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Mary Livermore

Suffrage worker, Sanitary Commission organizer and hospital worker, reporter, editor, and writer, Mary Rice Livermore was married to a Univeralist minister and was active in the woman's rights movement as well as temperance and abolitionist movements.
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Mary Livermore
A photograph of Mary Livermore, about 1901.

Sanitary Commission (USSC)
A profile of the United States Sanitary Commission, founded in 1861, which helped promote health in the Union Army Camps, provide supplies, and raise money for the Union effort.

Mary and Daniel Livermore
From the Unitarian Universalist Dictionary of Biography, a sketch on Mary Rice Livermore and her husband, Daniel.

Mary Livermore and the Illinois Womens Suffrage Movement
During her time in Illinois, Mary Rice Livermore was active in suffrage issues and in organizing during the Civil War for the Sanitary Commission.

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