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Marriage History - 20th Century

Marriage, courtship and divorce practices of the 1900s, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows.
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  2. Ida Straus - Titanic Victim
  3. Marriage History
  4. Women's Lives: 20th Century

Liberalizing Divorce Laws
Life Magazine, 1905, illustrates the situation in the early 20th century on divorce laws and women.

Liberalizing Divorce Laws
A cartoon from a 1905 magazine illustrating the effect of marriage when women had few rights to divorce, custody and property.

Easier Divorce - 1905
When women had few economic opportunities, husbands controlled most of the economic resources and custody was often granted to the father, liberalizing divorce laws was a women's rights issue.

Eleanor Roosevelt - Her Early Marriage
Photographs from Eleanor Roosevelt's early marriage including Eleanor Roosevelt in her wedding dress. Includes some comments about the state of her marriage.

Marriage and Love - Emma Goldman
An essay by 20th century radical activist Emma Goldman on the relationship of marriage (about which she was skeptical) and love.

Marriage in Finland
An entry in the Encyclopedia of Women's History on this site.

Legal Issues of Married Women Who Keep Their Own Names
Alice Marie Beard in a 1974 article on the legality of women keeping their name after marriage.

Wedded to Tradition: Marriage at Puberty
Washington Post 1997 feature, focusing on the lives of child brides in the Ivory Coast.

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