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Marian Wright Edelman

Books By and About Marian Wright Edelman


Some books by and about Marian Wright Edelman:

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• Marian Wright Edelman. The State of America's Children, Yearbook 2002.

• Marian Wright Edelman. I'm Your Child, God: Prayers for Our Children. 2002.

• Marian Wright Edelman. Guide My Feet: Prayers and Meditations for Our Children. 2000.

• Marian Wright Edelman. The State of American's Children: Yearbook 2000 - A Report from the Children's Defense Fund. 2000.

• Marian Wright Edelman. The State of America's Children: A Report from the Children's Defense Fund: Yearbook 1998.

• Marian Wright Edelman. Lanterns: A Memoir of Mentors. 1999.

• Marian Wright Edelman. The Measure of Our Success: A Letter to My Children & Yours. 1992.

• Marian Wright Edelman. I Dream a World. 1989.

• Marian Wright Edelman. Families in Peril: An Agenda For Social Change. 1987.

• Marian Wright Edelman. Stand for Children. 1998. Ages 4-8.

• Joann Johansen Burch. Marian Wright Edelman: Children's Champion. 1999. Ages 4-8.

• Wendie C. Old. Marian Wright Edelman: Fighter for Children's Rights. 1995. Young Adult.

• Beatrice Siegel. Marian Wright Edelman: The Making of a Crusader. 1995. Ages 9-12.

• Andrew Carroll, editor. Introduction by Marian Wright Edelman. Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters. Reprint 1999.

• Susan Skog, editor. Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations With Prominent Women. 1995.

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