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Lilith: legendary demon or goddess in Hebrew tradition. Resources on the history of the Lilith stories.
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Who or what was Lilith? How did her story evolve? Find out more here in this overview of what we know about the story of Lilith, from ancient times to modern feminist theory.

Lilith in Ancient Sources
What does the Bible say about Lilith? What other ancient sources mention Lilith and what do they say?

Lilith in Medieval Sources
What medieval sources do we have for Lilith's story, and how does her story change during that period?

Modern Depictions of Lilith
Lilith has been a popular cultural figure, in art, poetry and other writing, from the Renaissance to today. Find out more about some of those depictions.

Lilith and Feminism
Judith Plaskow in 1972 adapted the story of Lilith to a feminist theme, and since then, other feminists, especially Jewish feminists, have used the story as an allegory.

Lilith Magazine
Using the feminist story of Lilith as independent and strong, this Jewish women's magazine has been serving feminists since 1976.

Lilith Fair
Lilith Fair, named for the mythical Lilith, was a touring festival of women singer-songwriters, 1997-2010.

Lilith: A Feminist History Journal
Named for Lilith, this peer-reviewed journal of women's, feminist and gender history is published by the Australian Women's History Network.

Direct or Possible Biblical References
Does the Bible mention Lilith? A copy of a verse from Isaiah plus discussion.

Direct Talmudic References
Lilith in the Talmud -- documenting the various references.

Isis, Lilith, Gello
Footnoted article about three mythical "dark ladies," and what their stories might say about attitudes towards authority.

Quite complete compilation of Lilith information, from Alan Humm.

Lilith by Khephera
A (framed) multi-page document, on various aspects of the study of Lilith, by a modern Wiccan.

Looking for Lilith
A skeptical look at the history of the Lilith legend. Is it really an authentic Jewish folk tale or rabbinical tradition?

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