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Social Reformers: Women Changing the World

Beginning especially in the 19th century, women began to be involved in various social reform movements -- a kind of "public housekeeping" to make the world a better place. Women have continued to be involved in many movements for social change. Involvement in some issues, like racial equality, sometimes also led to women working for their own rights more actively. Issues especially important in women's history: abortion rights, peace and pacifism, economic equality, temperance and prohibition, and more.
  1. Civil Rights Movement
  2. Feminism
  3. Laws and Women's Rights
  4. Woman Suffrage
  5. Work and Labor
  6. Social Reform - More Issues (20)
  7. Reproductive Rights History (50)
  8. Affirmative Action (15)
  9. Birth Control (17)
  10. Environmentalists (29)
  11. Equal Rights Amendment (35)
  12. Peace (38)
  13. Racial Justice (23)
  14. Settlement Houses (102)
  15. Socialism (9)
  16. Temperance & Prohibition (10)
  17. Woman's Club Movement (7)
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