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Islamic Women's Dress

Women's dress in Islamic culture is based on a principle of female modesty. Customs of the time, place, and social class of the woman influence what she might wear. Some options include hijab -- or modest, loose clothing and a scarf over the head and under the chin -- and burqa or burka, a more complete covering of the head, face and body.

How to Make a Chador - Prayer Outfit
Directions and a simple pattern for making a chador.

Islamic Dress: A Complex History of the Veil
In this excerpt from a longer women's history curriculum package, the author describes the history of women being veiled in the Middle East and especially in Islamic culture. She includes a discussion of the feminist endorsement and opposition of the veil. Also included are discussion questions and a good though brief bibliography.

Picture Gallery of Multan, Pakistan
In this picture gallery are many photos of women wearing colorful Muslim veils and scarves.

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