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Women in Sports - Individual Sports

History of Women in Individual Sports -- Auto racing, boxing, golf, gymnastics, martial arts, skating and tennis.
  1. Bicycling (3)
  2. Boxing (3)
  3. Golf (8)
  4. Skaters (43)
  5. Tennis (13)
  6. Gertrude Ederle (3)
  7. Olga Korbut (5)

Gymnastics: Mary Lou Retton
Mary Lou Retton biography - winner of the 1984 all-around women's gymnastics event at the 1984 Olympics.

Swimming: Watermarks - A Review
A review of the documentary Watermarks, the story of women swimmers of the Austrian Jewish sports club, Hakoah, before Hitler's takeover of Austria.

Flyfishing: Dame Juliana Berners
Article on flyfishing history ponders whether "Dam Julyans Barnes" wrote the 15th century fishing treatise credited to her.

Martial Arts: Women Warriors of Japan
History of women in Japanese martial arts, from early and medieval Japanese history through contemporary competitive martial arts.

Rodeo: Women's Professional Rodeo Association
Founded in 1948 in Texas as the Girls Rodeo Association, this group "is the oldest organization of female professional athletes in America and the only one controlled and managed entirely by women."

Surfing: Legendary Women of the Wooden Era
Kaneamuna, Ka‘ahumanu, Kaiulaini, Josephine Pratt, Mildred Turner, Dowsett Sisters, Leslie Lemon, Isabel Letham, Beatrice Newport and Mary Ann Hawkins.

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