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Hinduism and Women

The roles of women within Hindu religion, including the images of the feminine in Hindu divinities.
  1. Hindu Goddesses & Myths
  2. Women in South Asia

An Indian poet who wrote devotional poetry to Vishnu, her verses are still in use today.

Mirabai - Bhakti Poet and Saint
A biography of Mirabai, Bhakti saint and poet who is famous both for her hundreds of devotional songs to Krishna, and for her breaking of traditional role boundaries.

Sarojini Naidu
About Sarojini Naidu, Indian poet and political activist, a key part of Gandhi's independence movement.

Every Woman a Goddess - The Ideals of Indian Art
Illustrated article about the images of women in Hindu art and religion.

Hinduism and Women: Hindu view on the Woman
Article on the roles of women and images of woman in Hinduism, the suffering of women under the traditional roles, and attempts in the modern Hindu world to raise the status of women.

Traditional Female Moral Exemplars in India
Article by Madhu Kishwar on the role of female figures in Indian religion: deities and legendary women.

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