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Women's Health: Historical Perspective

Historical view of women's health and other physical, health, medical and body issues. Overviews and general information on women in medicine.
  1. Abortion History
  2. Birth Control History
  3. Lydia Pinkham
  4. Margaret Sanger

Sheppard-Towner Act of 1921
The Sheppard-Towner Act of 1921 was a ground-breaking law to fund maternity and infant health care.

Covert Sex Discrimination
Carol Downer in 1978 expressing the women's liberation activist view on medical, reproductive, and gynecological issues.

Female Circumcision Comes to America
1995 Atlantic Monthly article on the importation of this African custom among immigrant women in America.

Interior Territory
NY Times Magazine feature on the images of the female body interior through the millennium.

Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
Extensive site, includes speculations on menstruation in prehistory, lots of historical advertisements, and many articles.

The Pill
The Pill, from American Experience (PBS), explores the story behind the development of the drug that put women in control of birth control.

Smallpox Vaccination in Turkey
Lady Mary Wortley Montague writes (1717) of the practice in Turkey of deliberately stimulating a mild form of smallpox, to confer immunity.

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